American Folk Art Museum

American Folk Art Museum

Located in the Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States, the American Folk Art Museum is the most popular and leading centre for enjoyment and study of the folk art of America along with the work of some of the self taught artists internationally. Folk art is a huge subject that contains a variety of arts from the historic pages of America. This museum is dedicated to the exhibition and collection of American Folk art. The original name of the museum was the Museum of Early American Folk Arts and has got many forms and locations where it is situated but the main building is located in Manhattan. The art forms situated hare are unique in them and depict the creativity and talent of great artists and craftsmen.

The building consists of four floors and on every floor there are different sized galleries for public display that house a good range of small and big objects. The permanent collection of the museum contains Americana dating and fine arts of many pages of the American history from 17th century to the contemporary times with a number of objects from weather vanes to much more traditional and cultural fine arts. These objects include photographs, drawings and paintings, textiles, sculpture, quilts furniture, decorative arts, pottery and many other objects in three dimensions to offer the insights into these elements of the rich Cultural heritage of America. The museum has got a rich collection of the artistic work of Henry Darger and many other famous artists which diversify the American Culture and make it more and more magnificent.

The outer building or the Façade is beautifully built and complements the artistic heritage housed inside the museum. This building is situated just in the nearby region of another museum of the city, the Museum of Modern Art. You can be a part of this museum by filling the online registration form and enjoy the facilities provided by the museum authority. It is a wonder place for the students to visit especially for those who are interested in arts and culture. This museum also offers guide tours for the visitors and various educational programs in order to increase the popularity of the museum and collect funds for its functioning. The activities of the museum also increase the subjects like history, social studies, English, industrial arts, economics and arts and is a wonderful experiences for the students and grownups alike.

There are a number of exhibitions over different subjects showcased round the year and the museum witness the huge tide of people visiting to see the glory of the place and the country as a whole. So be a part of this wonderful experience.



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